The particulars of the organization Functions and Duties


1.1      The Financial Commissioners hold dual offices and their work falls into two categories viz. they work as Secretaries to Government and also as Heads of Departments. Both duties are carried out by the agency of the same office staff and care has to be exercised to distinguish between the orders passed as Secretaries and those passed in the capacity of Heads of Departments exercising statutory authority. The use of the correct designation especially in notification is most important.

            While performing duties as Financial Commissioners they are assisted by their Secretaries, commonly known as Revenue Secretaries to the Financial Commissioners, who also hold dual offices i.e. while working on the executive side under the Secretary to Government, they act in their capacity as Special/Additional/Joint/Deputy Secretaries to Government; whereas on the other side, while working under the Financial Commissioners, they perform their functions as Revenue Secretaries to the Financial Commissioners.

            The Financial Commissioners also act as judicial courts under the various enactments.

            Instructions relating to disposal of Government work are contained in the Secretariat Instructions. These apply also to the office of the Financial Commissioners mutatis mutandis and the Handbook contains only such subsidiary instructions as are necessary to cover difference in methods of procedure, etc. as also certain instructions for dealing with work as Head of Department.

1.2            The Gazetted Staff of the office consists of the following:-

(a)  Financial Commissioners who also act as Secretaries to Government, Punjab in the respective Administrative Department ;

(b) Special Secretaries to Government Punjab.

(c)  Additional Secretaries to Government Punjab

(d) Joint Secretaries to Government, Punjab.  

(e)  Deputy Secretaries to Government, Punjab;

(f)   Under Secretaries to Government, Punjab Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

(g)  State Editor Gazetteer.

(h) Superintendents Grade-I/Private Secretaries

(i)    Superintendents Grade-I (Judicial) to the Financial Commissioners.

(j)    Chief Stamp Auditor. 

1.3            The non-gazetted establishment is as laid down in the Punjab Financial Commissioners. Office (Class III) Rules, 1986, which form Appendix A to this handbook. Those Rules govern all mattes relating to recruitment, promotion and punishment of the subordinate staff.

1.4            The business of the office of Financial Commissioners  is carried on by the following branches/sections for the purpose of facilitating the disposal of work and control over the staff:-


(1) Record (including Library and Store Keeper)

(2) Administration I, II, III & IV.

(3) Revenue Establishment I and II

(4) Consolidation

(5) Agrarian Reforms

(6) Accounts

(7) Issue & Circulating

(8) Land Revenue

 (9) Disaster Management I

                        (10) Stamp & Registration

                        (11) TLSB

                        (12) Disaster Management III

                        (13) Excise and Taxation I and II

                        (14) Rural Development Establishment I, II, III, IV and V.

                        (15) Development Coordination.

                        (16) Agriculture I, II and IV

                        (17) Co-operation I and II

                        (18) Budget, Accounts and Compilation

                        (19) Mandi

                        (20) Forest

                        (21) Animal Husbandry

                        (22) Jagir Branch

                        (23) Boundary Cell

                        (24) Monitoring & Evaluation Cell

                        (25)  Gazetteer Organisation

                        (26) Policy and Legal



1.                 Revenue Coordination

2.                 Land Use Board

3.                 Agriculture III

4.                 Animal Husbandry

5.                 Integrated Rural Development Programme

6.                 Budget & Accounts

7.                 Training Section

8.                 Audit

9.                 Art Section

10.            Computer Cell

11.            A.I.Unit

12.            Special Programme


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