1.         All matters relating to-

(a)                acquisition of land by the Urban Local Bodies 

(b)               alienation or lease of Municipal Properties: and

(c)        lease of Nazool land for a period not exceeding ten years wherever such land has been placed under the control of local bodies for purposes of management under a general or special order of the Government.


2.         Administration of the following Acts :-

(a)        the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949 ;

(b)        the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 ;

(c)        the Punjab Town Improvement Act, 1922 ;

(d)        the State Carriage Act, 1861 ;

(e)        the Punjab Sium Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act, 1961 ;

(f)         the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board Act, 1976 ;

(g)        the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 ;

(h)        the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 ;

(i)         the Punjab Municipal (Executive Officer) Act, 1931 ;

(j)         the Punjab Development of Damaged Area  Act, 1951 ;

(k)        the Punjab Local Authorities  Laws (Exercise of Powers) Act, 1953 ;

(l)         the Local Authorities Loans Act, 1914; and

(m)              the East Punjab Local Authorities (Restriction of Functions) Act, 1947

3.         Local Fund Audit.

4.         Municipal Corporations, Municipal Committees, Notified Areas Committees and Improvement Trusts.

5.         Establishment of Directorate of Local Government.

6.         Slum Clearance and Slum Development Schemes.

7.         Fire fighting.

8.         Census.

9.         Interim General Plans, Master Plans and Regional Plans for the ring towns and other important towns in the State and also the development of  such towns.

10.       Rendering technical advice to the Municipal Committees and Improvement Trust in their town Planning Scheme.

11.       Establishment of the office of the Chief Town Planner, Punjab.

12.       Miscellaneous work connected with Town and Country Planning including legislative measures, implementation of suggestions of All India Conference of State Ministers and Annual Administration Reports  etc,




1.         Establishment of the Directorate of Research and Medical Education, and all Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Registrars and Demonstrators at the Government Medical Colleges, Amritsar and Patiala Guru Gobind Singh Medical College, Faridkot and the Government Dental Colleges.

2.         T.B. Sanatorium, Amritsar.

3.         Government Medical College, Patiala.

4.         Rajindra Hospital, Patiala.

5.         Guru Gobind Singh Medical College, Faridkot.

6.         Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, Faridkot.

7.         Government Medical College, Amritsar.

8.         Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Amritsar.

9.         Dental College, Amritsar.

10.       Dental College and Hospital, Patiala.

11.       Ayudvedic College and Hospital. Patiala.

12.       Medical Education and Training of Nurses and Para-medical Staff.

13.       The Indian Council of Medical Research.

14.       State Medical Faculty, Medical registration including Medical Council of India Central Dental Council.

15.       The Punjab Medical Council, the Punjab Nursing Council, the Punjab Dental Council, the Punjab Pharmacy Council, the Punjab Ayudvedic Council and the Punjab Homoeopathic Council-Registration of Doctors, Dentist, Nurses, Pharmacists, Homeopaths and Vaids.

16.       All matters relating to the administration of the following Acts and Rules made thereunder :-

(a)                the Indian Medical degree Act, 1916 ;

(b)               the Punjab Anatomy Act, 1963; and

(c)                the Punjab Corneal Grafting Act, 1963 .

17.       Private medical Colleges and hospitals :

-Christian Medical College and Brown Hospital, Ludhiana.

-Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

18.       Grant-in-aid to private medical colleges and teaching hospitals and aushadhalgyas.

19.       Admissions to all the Medical and Dental Colleges, including private and the Ayudvedic College, Patiala.






1.         Formulation of policy regarding personnels and service matters.

2.         All matters relating to :-

(i)                  the Punjab Civil Services (Promotion of Stenographers and Steno-typists) Rules, 1961

(ii)                the Punjab Civil Services (Appointment by Promotion) Rules, 1962 ;

(iii)       the Punjab State (Class IV) Service Rules, 1963 ;

(iv)       the Government Employees Conduct Rules, 1966 ;

(v)        The Punjab Civil Services (Punishment and Appeal) Rules, 1970 ;

(vi)              the Punjab Civil Services (Premature Retirement) Rules, 1975 ; and

(vii)             the Assistant Grade Examination Rules, 1984.


3.         All matters and procedure relating to the retirement and promotion of officers whose conduct is the subject of enquiry and matters connected therewith.

4.         Policy regarding :

(i)         promotion of Class IV employees to Class III posts ;

(ii)        appointment, promotion, posting and tenure etc. of Heads of Department including their confirmation ;

(iii)       creation and declaration of posts of Heads of Department s including change in nomenclature ;

(iv)       departmental tests and examinations ;

(v)        private employment or employment in other Departments of Punjab Government or under other Governments, sought by the Government employees ;

(vi)       representation and memorials by Government servants ;

(vii)      convcrsiol1 of temporary posts into permanent ones ;

(viii)      recognition of Association of Government employees ;

(ix)       exgratia grant and other facilities for families of Government employees who die while on duty;

(x)        naming of places and institutions after Government employees ;

(xi)       grant of permission to Government employees for the acquisition of higher qualifications ;

(xii)      employment of Class IV employees as domestic servants ;

(xiii)           concession to Government employees who learn foreign languages;

(xiv)           grant of advance increments, incentives and awards to Government employees;

(xv)      punctuality in office attendance ;

(xvi)     holidays, working hours, casual leave, earned leave and special casual leave etc. ;

(xvii)     deputation of Government employees ;

(xviii)    travel concession to Government employees ;

(xix)     maintenance of service books and personal files ;

(xx)      alteration in the date of birth of Government employees ;

(xxi)     change of name of Government employees ;

(xxii)     fixation of joining time in case of candidates recommended by the Punjab Public Service Commission and Punjab Subordinate Services Selection Board etc. ;

(xxiii)    regularisation of services of adhoc employees :

(xxiv)    classification of offices ;

(xxv)         classification of services, and declaration of posts as gazetted and non-gazetted; and

(xxvi)       employment of near relatives of Government employees in private undertakings enjoying Government patronage.


5.         References from other Department to be submitted to the Chief Minister as required under Rules of Business of the Government of Punjab relating to appointments, transfers, Postings, and disciplinary matters, including appointments etc. to the posts of Chairmen, Managing Director of Public Sector Undertakings, Corporations and Boards etc.

6.         All matters relating to the Punjab Public Service Commission, the Subordinate Services Selection Board and any other Recruitment Committee or Agency or otherwise.

7.         Exclusion of posts from the purview of the Punjab Public Service Commission and Punjab Subordinate Services Selection Board as an exception to the general policy of recruitment.

8.         Postings and transfers including inter-departmental transfers under Rule 3.17 (of the Punjab Civil Services Rules, Volume I, Part I.

9.         Framing of Model Service Rules and scrutiny of Service Rules framed by various Departments.

10.       Formulation and amendment of Confidential Rolls Rules and policy  regarding annual confidential reports of  Government employees.

11.       Priority lists  for various categories of persons for employment in State Services.

12.       Compilation of instructions issued from time to time on service matters.

13.       Matters relating to release of benefits to the families of deceased Government employees.

14.       Demands of Government employees.

15.       All matters relating to the absorption of surplus staff of Government Departments and quasi-Government organisations and Public Sector Undertakings.

16.       Pay Commission-Appointment, terms and conditions thereof.

17.       Matters concerning representation of Punjab in Chandigarh Administration.

18.       Conferment of Secretariat status on Heads of Executive Departments.

19.       State Administrative Tribunal.




1.         All matters relating to-

 (i)        administrative reorganisation and streamlining of administration

(ii)        reports of Administrative Reforms Commission ;

(iii)       improvements in office procedures and systems ;

(iv)       Indian Institute of Public Administration;

(v)        maintenance and retention of records ;

(vi)       implementation of the decision of the Cabinet Sub-Committee regarding delegation of powers to the Heads of Departments and Heads of District level Officers in respect of Service matters and to give suggestions in regard to the suitable amendments in the relevant rules.




1.         All matters relating to -

(i)         the Punjab State Institute of Public Administration;

(ii)        the training of officers belonging to the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Police Service and other officers; and

(iii)       the training of probationers belonging to the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Police Service and the Punjab Civil Service.




1.         Indian Administrative Service and Punjab Civil Services (Executive Branch) cadre fixation and review of and creation of posts in various scales.

2.         All matters relating to the establishment of the Indian Administrative Services and Punjab Civil Services.

3.         Rules and Regulations concerning Indian Administrative Services and other All India Services.

4.         Maintenance of Character Rolls of the members of the India Administrative Services and Punjab Civil Services (executive Branch). Officers-issue of appreciation letters and communication of adverse remarks.

5.         Preparation of Select List of members of the Punjab Civil Services, and Officers of other services serving in the State, for appointment to the Indian Administrative Service.

6.         Maintenance of property returns of the members of the Indian Administrative Services and the Punjab Civil Services Officers and grant of permission to them for the sale or purchase of property.

7.         Conferment of powers on the members of the Indian Administrative Services and the Punjab Civil Services Officers.

8.         Grant of casual leave to Divisional Commissioners and Administrative Secretaries-Approval of tour programme of Divisional Commissioners.

9.         Deputation of the members of the Indian Administrative Services and the Punjab Civil Services to Government of India, other state Governments, autonomous bodies and to foreign countries.

10.       All matters relating to the Departmental examination conducted by the Central Committee of Examinations.

11.       Grant of permission to the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to leave headquarters for attending meeting(s) at Chandigarh.

12.       Maintenance and circulation of lists of Administrative Secretaries in Punjab.

13.       All work relating to salaries etc. of officers belonging to the Indian Administrative Services and Punjab Civil Services (Executive Branch) which was previously done by the office of the Accountant General.

14.       Matters relating to Liaison Officers at Delhi and Calcutta.

15.       Matters relating to the Resident Representative of Punjab in New Delhi.

16.       Re-employment of the members of the Indian Administrative Services after the age of superannuation.

17.       Appointment of the members of the Indian Administrative Services as arbitrators concerning cases of various Government Departments and Autonomous Bodies.



11.       All matters relating to :-

(i)                  Sub-montane Areas Advisory Council;

(ii)                Boarder Areas Advisory Council ;

(iii)       Bet Areas Advisory Council;


including concerning of their regular meetings and pursuit of action thereon with the concerned Departments.




1.         All matters relating to the formulation follow up, appraisal and re-adjustment of:-

(i)         Annual Plans and Five Year Plans; and

(ii)        Sub-Plans for sub-montanus, bet, border and any other special areas.

2.         All matters relating to the formulation of long-term development perspectives for the Punjab economy.

3.         Declaration of backward areas or any other special areas.

4.         All matters relating to the Punjab State Planning Board.

5.         All matters relating to the coordination of Plans of the Administrative Departments.

6.         All matters concerning State Government business With the Planning Commission, Government of India.

7.         Computerisation in Punjab Government Offices.

8.         All matters relating to the Border Area Development Programme including coordination work relating to the integrated development of the areas adjoining the Western Border of the Country.




1.         All matters relating to the collection, compilation and analysis of socio-economic data.

2.         All matters concerning preparation of the Annual Economic Survey of the Punjab Economy.

3.         Tendering of advice to the Government on economic and statistical matters

4.         All matters relating to the coordination of statistical activities of various Departments.




1.         Establishment of the Printing and Stationery Department.

2.         Copy right.

3.         Extension of Post and Telegraph and Telephone facilities.

4.         Printing of Government work.

5.         Procurement and supply of stationery.

6.         Hiring and purchase of typewriters, word processing machines, duplicators, photocopiers and FAX machines.

7.         Policy regarding supply of uniforms and liveries to Government employees and drivers of Government vehicles (except the drivers of the Punjab Roadways).

8.         Supply of Government publications and the Official Gazette.





1.         To coordinate and monitor all economic programme including the 20-Point Socio-economic Programme.

2.         To identify problem areas in the implementation of new projects and in the functioning of existing projects, and suggest remedial measures to optimise production and efficiency.

3.         All matters relating to liaison with the Economic Departments of Government of India and other State Government.



1.         Matters relating to investment by the Government to Punjab in the Public Sector Undertakings and Apex Co-operative Societies, including setting up of new Public Sector Undertakings.

2.         All matters relating to the Audit Reports of the Public Sector Undertakings including matters concerning the Committee on Public Sector Undertakings of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Accountant General and the Comptroller and Auditor General of  India.

3.         Review and evaluation of the working of the Public Undertakings including scrutiny of the balance sheet and the annual accounts.

4.         Formulation of broad policy guidelines relating to personnel including pay scales, Travelling Allowances, House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance,  grant of bonus and ex-gratia, creation of posts, economy in expenditure, payment of minimum dividend on  investments, payment of guarantee fee, maintenance of accounts and other financial matters like Plan and Budget estimates of the Public Undertakings.





1.         Construction and maintenance of State Buildings and their transfer from one Department to another Department.

2.         Construction and maintenance of buildings on behalf of other Departments (except for the maintenance of buildings of Police Department).

3.         Acquisition of land for construction of buildings and roads.

4.         Settlement  of claims of contractors.

5.         Construction and maintenance of National Highways on behalf of the Government of India.

6.         Construction of Maintenanance of all roads in the State (except those owned by the local bodies within municipal limits) bridges, ferries, tunnels, ropeways, causeways, strategic roads, tectrical roads, Border Area roads etc,

7.         Road Development Board.

8.         Shipping and navigation including inland water ways and traffic thereon except navigation and traffic on canals.

9.         Tolls levied by the State Government in connection with State subjects other than tolls levied by Local Bodies.

10.       Follow up with the Ministry of Railways in regard to development of railways and other facilities provided by the Ministry of Railways.

11.       All suits relating to Railways against the Government of India.




1.         Construction and maintenance of Public Health facilities in Government buildings.

2.         Construction and maintenance of Public Health facilities in buildings on behalf of other Departments and acquisition of land for these facilities (water supply, sanitation and sewerage) in buildings or Projects where such acquisition is not covered by Buildings and Roads Branch.

3.         Settlement of claims of contractors relating to such works.

4.         Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme and National Drinking Water Supply Technology Mission for rural areas.

5.         Environmental Improvement Schemes and Low Cost Sanitation Programme in Scheduled Castes beasties.

6.         Rural Water Supply Schemes.

7.         Deposit works of local authorities and other public sector organizations in the areas of water supply, sanitation, storm water, sewerage disposal. drainage etc.

8.         Investigation and surveying the water supply and sewerage requirements for rural areas.

9.         Execution of Low Cost Sanitation works in rural areas.




1.         Tendering of advice on architectural matters to all Departments of the State Government through the agency of Central Architectural Organization.

2.         All work connected with the office of the Chief Architect Punjab.




1.         Entertainment of all kinds of complaints from public against the State Government Departments and State undertakings.

2.         Constitution of District Public Grievances Committee and nomination members to such Committees.

3.         Framing of policies regarding redressal of public grievances and machinery thereof including-.

(i)         advice and suggestions to the Heads of Departments and Deputy Commissioners to set up arrangement for quick disposal of public grievances;

(ii)        inquiries suo moto in cases of undue delay or those of urgent nature.

(iii)       study of cases of major grievances and proposing remedies where possible.




1.         All matters pertaining to Land Revenue and its administration including its assessment, collection and accounts, remission, collection of rents etc. and audit.

2.         Recovery of other Government dues declared recoverable as arrears of Land Revenue.

3.         All matters relating to Agricultural Income Tax, Wealth Tax and Estate Duty.

4.         Surveys for preparation of Land Records and its maintenance.

5.         All matters relating to settlements, settlement staff and Alluvion and Dhilluvion Rules.

6.         All matters relating to the administration of the following Acts :

(i)         the Court Fees Act, 1870;

(ii)        the Punjab Tenancy Act, 1887 ;

(iii)       the Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1887;

(iv)       the Land Acquisition Act, 1894;

(v)        the Indian Stamp Act, 1899;

(vi)       the Punjab Minor Canals Act, 1905 ;

(vii)      the Registration Act, 1908 ;

(viii)      the Punjab Redemption of Mortgage Act, 1913 ;

 (ix)      the Punjab Copying Fees Act, 1936;

(x)        the Punjab Restitution of Mortgage Act, 1938 ;

(xi)       the East Punjab Holdings (Consolidation and Prevention of Fragmenta) Act, 1948 ;

(xii)      the East Punjab War Awards Act, 1948;



The 12th August 1994.

No.1/13/91-GC(2)/10009- In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses (2) and (3) of article 166 of the Constitution of India, and all other powers enabling me in this behalf, I, Sudhakar Panditrao Kurdukar, Governor of Punjab, hereby make the following amendment in the Government of Punjab, Allocation of Business Rues, 1994, namely :



1.         These rules may be called the Government of Punjab, Allocation of Business (First Amendment) Rules, 1994.

2.         In the Government of Punjab, Allocation of Business Rules, 1994, in the Schedule :

(a)                Under the heading “Department of Revenue and Rehabilitation” under sub heading “(A) revenue” in Serial No.6, item (XII) and the entries relating thereto shall be omitted;  and

(b)               Under the heading “Department of Defence Services Welfare”, after Serial No.16 and the entries relating thereto, the following serial No. and entries shall be added, namely :

“17.  All matter relating to the administration of East Punjab War Awards Act, 1948.”


Dated, Chandigarh                                                       

7th August, 1994.                                                         

Sudhakar Panditrao Kurdukar

Governor of Punjab


(xiii)      the East Punjab Utilisation of Land Act, 1949;

(xiv)     the Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act, 1952 (No.XXX of 1952);

(xv)      the Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act, 1953 ;

(xvi)     the Punjab Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act, 1953;

(xvii)     the Bhoodan Yajna Act, 1955 ;

(xviii)    the Pepsu Tenancy and Agricultural Act, 1955 ;

(xix)     the Punjab Resumption of Jagirs Act,1957;

(xx)      the Punjab Land Reforms Act, 1973 ;

(xxi)     the Punjab Pubic Premise:; Land Eviction and Rent Recovery Act, 1973;

(xxii)     the Punjab Commercial Crops Cess Act, 1974; and

(xxiii)    the Punjab Package Deal Properties (Disposal) Act, 1976.


7.         Land Administration Reports.

8.         All matters relating to land holdings Census fragmentation.

9.         Survey and record of land affected by water-logging thur and sem.

10.       All matters under the following heads:-

            (a)        Customary Law

(b)        Court of Wards;

            (c)        Jagirs and Muafis;

(d)        Dharamarth lands and properties of the erstwhile Pepsu State :

(e)        Grant-in-aid to religious institutions and incurring of expenditure construction or repairs of places of worship; and

(f)         Establishment of Dharamarth Staff.


11.       Construction of accommodation for Government offices, including offices-cum-residence complexes at the Divisional, District, Tehsil and Sub-Tehsil level.

12.       Construction and repairs of Patwar Khanas.

13.       Lease, sale etc. of Governn1ent Lands and encroachments thereon.

14.       Administration of waste land and their lease etc.

15.       Transfer of land from one Department of Government to another .

16.       All matters concerning Escheats, Nazool land and properties.

17.       Preparation and revision of District Gazetteers including the establishment of the Gazetteers Organisation.

18.       Finalisation of work under section 5 of the Punjab land Revenue Act, 1887 and work connected with the re-organisation of Divisions, Districts, Tehsils and Sub Tehsils  including transfer of  villages from one such unit to another .

19.       All matters concerning inter-state Boundaries.

20.       Preparation of District, Village Directories and changes of names of Districts, Towns, Villages etc.

21.       Calamities Relief Fund.

22.       All matters relating to the--

(i)         Establishment of Financial Commissioner's Office :

(ii)        establishment of District and Division including Sub-Divisional and Tehsil Office staff:

(iii)       establishment of Directorate of Consolidation of Holdings, Punjab :

(iv)       establishment of Directorate of Land Records, Punjab ;

(v)        establishment of Patwaris and Kanungoes Mahals;

(vi)       Patwar Schools: and

(vii)      establishment of the District Revenue Officers, Tehsildars and Naib -Tehsildars.


23.       Report on Agricultural Wages Survey.

24.       Maintenance and Administration of Civil Redt Houses.

25.       Provision relating to registration only under the Transfer of Property Act.



1.         Administration, management, leasing out and allotment of acquired evacuee property, viz., land, houses, gardens and horticultural plots in garden colonies situated in rural areas.

2.         All matters relating to the administration of Rajpura township.

3.         All matters concerning conferment of ownership right in respect of land, houses;

gardens and horticultural plots, situated in rural areas.

4.         All matters relating to the acquisition of evacuee land for public purposes required by the Departments of Government, local bodies or private bodies.

5.         Exchange and comparison of record with Pakistan.

6.         Grant of financial assistance to disrupted educational institutions and displaced students for prosecuting their studies in various institutions both in India and abroad.

7.         Internal audit of various kinds of loans, accounts and financial assistance maintained in different offices.

8.         Quasi-judicial cases arising out of allotment of land, houses, gardens and horticultural plots in garden colonies and conferment of ownership rights and composite properties.

9.         Recovery, postponement, remission and write-off of various kinds of rural and urban loans and realisation of other rehabilitation dues.

10.       Separation of evacuee interest in composite properties.

11.       All other matters connected with the rehabilitation of displaced persons, composite and acquired properties.

12.       Disposal of surplus rural and urban evacuee properties transferred by the Government of India to State Government by two package deals for disposal.


1.         Grant of relief to and settlement of -

(i)         persons uprooted from war-affected areas ;

(ii)        persons including Special Police Officers and Home Guard, affected by terrorist violence, or during the course of operations by the security forces in aid of civil authorities, or by mob action ;

(iii)       persons affected during November, 1984 riot, ;

(iv)       Jodhpur detenues and misguided youth;

(v)        J & K migrants;

(vi)       persons affected by violence in Punjab in the aftermath or Ayodhya incidents - and demolition of Babri Masjid on 6th December, 1992; and

(vii)      any other special category of persons as may be notified by the Government from time to time.




1.         All matters relating to the administration of the following, Acts and Rules framed  thereunder, namely: -

(i)         the Punjab Gram Panchayat Act, 1952;

(ii)        the Punjab Village Common Lands (Regulation) Act, 1961 ;

(iii)       the Punjab Panchayat Samiti and Zila Prishads Act, 1961 ;

(iv)       the Punjab Cattle Fairs (Regulation) Act, 1967;

(v)        the Punjab Gram Panchayat (Common Purposes Land) Eviction and Rent Recovery Act, 1976; and

(vi)       the Punjab Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads {Temporary Supersession) Act, 1978.

2.         Establishment and budget of the Directorate of Panchayats and Panchayati Raj including the provision of budget of staff provided out of the cadre strength of the  Financial Commissioner's office.

3.         All matters relating to-

(i)         the allocation of assets. and liabilities of the, District Boards among the Zila Prishads and Panchayat Samitis ;

(ii)        construction of buildings and houses for office and staff;

(iii)       management and development of Shamlat lands and eviction of unauthorized occupants from urban common lands;

(iv)       complaints and enquiries against Panches and Sarpanches;

(v)        disciplinary action against Panchayat Samitis and Zila Prishads and their Members;

(vi)       Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis and Zila Prishads Elections;

(vii)      finances of the Panchayat Samitis and Zila Prishads;

(viii)      implementation of various development schemes in the block;

(ix)       institutional and non-institutional training of non-official Panches and Sarpanches, Member Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Panchayat Samitis and Zila Prishads, Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly;

(x)        Local rate and allied matters ;

(ix)       location of Block Headquarters and demarcation and redemarcation of boundaries of the block;

(xii)      construction and location of Primary Health Centres in Blocks ;

(xiii)      minor flood protection works such as Bunds and Drains;

(xiv)     focal points for rural infrastructure development;

(xv)      statistical evaluation;

(xvi)     Panchayat Samitis and Zila Prishads ;

(xvii)     study tours of non-officials at all India State Block Levels;

(xviii)    Seminars and Sammelans ;

(xix)     taxes and fees levied by the Panchayat Samitis;

(xx)      training of young farmers and village leaders and organisations of farmers clubs (both sexes); and

(xxi)     training institutions of the Department of Rural Development and Panchayats.

4.         Discretionary. grants by Ministers.

5.         Sramdan.

6.         Community Development Movement.

7.         All matters relating to:

(i)         village Housing Project Schemes and State Rural Housing Cell;

(ii)        village Volunteer Force;

(iii)       Integrated Rural Development Programme and Schemes framed thereunder ;

(iv)       evaluation of the work of Rural Development Society.

8.         Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme and scheme framed thereunder.

9.         National Rural Employment Programme and schemes framed thereunder.

10.       National Project of improved Chullas.

11.       Integrated Rural Energy Planning Programme.




All matters relating to -

(i)         the identification of new techno1ogy for agriculture and industry;

(ii)        arrangements for processing the new technology;

(iii)       liaison with Research Institutions, National Laboratories, Universities and Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India ;

(iv)       the dissemination of information with regard to new technology in different fields, in the State ;

(v)        policy and implementation with regard to planning and development of renewable and non conventional sources of energy including collection of sewerage, agro-wastes and residues and sullage ;

(vi)              policy of incentives for non-conventional power projects including solar and co generated/recycled energy projects; and

(vii)             energy management and energy conservation measures and programmes.

2.         All matters relating to -

(i)                  the Punjab Energy Development Agency;

(ii)                The Punjab Pollution Control Board ; and

(iii)       The Punjab State Council for Science and Technology

3.         All matters relating to the administration of the following Acts :-

(i)         the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Act, 1974 .

(ii)        the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act, 1981 ;

(iii)       the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

4.         Planning , Coordination and monitoring of environment schemes in the State.


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