O.W.No. 975-SR-2000 dated 28/6/2000

Government of Punjab

Department of General Administration

(General Coordination Branch)




The 23rd June 2000.


No. 1/1/2000-GC(2)/9328 :- In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses (2) and (3) of article 166 of the Constitution of India, and all other powers enabling me in this behalf Lieutenant General Jack Frederick Ralph Jacob (Retd) , PVSM Governor Punjab hereby make the following rules further to amend Government of Punjab, Allocation of Business Rules, 1994 namely :


1.         These rules may be called the Government of Punjab, allocation of Business (Second Amendment) Rules, 2000.

            In the Government of Punjab, Allocation of Business Rules, 1994,in the Schedule, under the heading “DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENT AND NON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY” for the existing serial numbers and the entries relating thereto, the following shall be substituted namely –


1.         All matter relating to :

(i)         the identification of new techno1ogy for agriculture and industry;

(ii)        arrangements for processing the new technology;

(iii)       liaison with Research Institutions, National Laboratories, Universities and Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India ;

(iv)       the dissemination of information with regard to new technology in different fields, in the State ;

(v)        policy and implementation with regard to planning and development of renewable and non conventional sources of energy including collection of sewerage, agro-wastes and residues and sullage ;

(vi)              policy of incentives for non-conventional power projects including solar and co generated/recycled energy projects; and

(vii)             energy management and energy conservation measures and programmes.

All matters relating to -

(i)                  the Punjab Energy Development Agency;

(ii)                The Punjab State Council for Science and Technology



1.         All matters relating to the Punjab Pollution Control Board;

2.         Planning, Coordination and monitoring of Environment Schemes in the State.

3.         All matters relating to the administration of the following Acts :-

(i)         the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Act, 1974 .

(ii)        the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act, 1981 ; and

(iii)       the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and the rules framed thereunder.


Dated Chandigarh                                 Lt General Jack Frederick Ralph Jacob (Retd)

The 9th June 2000                                 Governor of Punjab


Dated Chandigarh                                                         R.S.Mann

The 13th June 2000                               Chief Secretary to Government Punjab


Endst.No. 1/1/2000-GC(2)/9328         Chandigarh, dated the 9th June 2000


            A copy is forwarded to all the Financial Commissioner, Principal Secretaries and Administrative Secretaries to the Government of Punjab for information and necessary action.








1.         All matters relating to the welfare of physically handicapped persons including-


(a)        institutional services for the blind, deaf and dumb and orthopaedically handicapped ;

(b)        scholarships to the handicapped students ;

(c)        sheltered workshop ;

(d)        prosthetic aid to the physically handicapped persons ;

(e)        financial assistance to victims of chronic diseases ;

(f)         educational and vocational facilities for the mentally retarded children ;

(g)        Vocational Rehabilitation Centres for the handicapped ;

(h)        marriage grants for the rehabilitation of handicapped ;

(i)         Braille Press of Library for the visually handicapped ; and

(j)         policy regarding reservation for physically handicapped persons in the services.


2.         All matters relating to social security under the following heads :-

            (a)        eradication of beggary

(b)        institutional and non institutional services under the Juvenile Justice Act 1986

 (c)       welfare measures for the women rescued from moral danger

(d)        setting up of protective Homes under the Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and  Girls Act, 1956  and the matter connected thereto;

(e)        after care services for the discharge of correctional and non-correctional institutions ; and,

(f)         anti. dowry measures.


3.         All measures for scope security such as-


(a)        financial assistance to dependent children ;

(b)        financial assistance to widow and destitute women;

(c)        financial assistance to permanently disabled persons ;

(d)        pension to the aged and  the infirm; and

(e)        institutional services for the aged.


4.         All matter relating to social research and training including establishment of Research-cum-Information Centres for conducting social survey and disseminating information, monitoring and evaluation and conducting of training programme for social workers.


5.         All matters relating to the financial assistance in the shape of grant-in-aid to voluntary welfare organisations, State awards for persons or organisations working in the field of Social Welfare and Field Counselling for the improvement and expansion of programmes run by the Voluntary Welfare Organisations.


6.         All matters relating to relief measures including -

(a)        care and maintenance of inmates in various Homes or infirmaries and privately managed relief institutions located in the State ;

(b)        financial] assistance for educational purposes to son, or wards or destitute displaced widows living outside. Homes and Infirmaries ;

(c)        payment to cash allowances  to displaced persons living outside homes and infirmaries ;

(d)        payment of stipends to trainees and outside doles ;

(e)        settlement of old outstanding claims etc. in respect of defunct relief institutions, and

(f)         training of inmates of Homes and Infirmaries in different vocational and professional courses.

7.         All matters relating to the administration of the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929.

8.         All matters relating to Social Health, anti drug addiction measures and counselling services for families in distress and those affected by social atrocities and social maladies etc.




1.         All matters relating to child welfare including-

(a)        recreation facilities through Holiday Homes, Day Camps, Teens Tour Programmes and Children Clubs ;

(b)        institutional and non-institutional services for the orphaned, illegitimate, un-claimed and destitute children through orphanages, Bal Bhawans, foster-care and adoption services ;

( c)       Integrated Child Development Services ;

(d)        Crash Nutrition Programme including Supplementary Nutrition ;

(e)        Family and Child Welfare Projects; and

(f)         National Children's Fund.


2.         All matters relating to women's including -

(a)        Welfare Extension Projects for women in rural areas ;

(b)        homes for widows and destitute women ;

(c)        hostels for working girls ;

(d)        financial assistance to widows and destitute women ;

(e)        nutrition and health services to the pregnant and lactating mothers.


3.         All matters  relating to administration of the Punjab Women and Children Development and Welfare Corporation Act. 1979.

4.         Mahila Mandals.

5.         Planning, research, evalnation, monitoring and establishment of production and training centres for women and children.





1. All matters relating to promotion, development and administration of sports including-

(a)        formulation and implementation of all policies relating to sports ;

(b)        policy regarding reservation for sportsmen in service ;

(c)        establishment of the Directorate of Sports, the Khed Parishad, Director :

Youth Programme and Sports Wing of the Directorate of College Education  including coaches under the Sports Hostel Scheme ;

(d)        imparting of coaching at various levels and administration of coaches

working in the Department of Sports and Youth Services, erstwhile Khed Parishad and under the Director, Youth Programme and working in colleges under the Sports Hostel Scheme;

(e)        provision of sports infrastructure including distribution and arrangement of  equipments to educational and Panchayati Raj Institutions ;

(f)         matters relating to the Sports Authority of India ;

(g)        organization of competitions at various levels directly or through the agency of autonomous sports bodies and associations, the School Games Federation and its affiliated units, Inter-University Sports Control Board and its affiliated University Colleges and Panchayati Raj Institutions ;

(h)        the State Sports Council and grant-in-aid to sports associations and federations including the School Games Federation and its affiliated units regulating  inter-college and inter-University tournaments and Panchayati Raj Institutions ;

(i)         the Khed Parishad and grant-in-aid for sports to the Khed Parishad and other Panchayati Raj Institutions ;

(j)         management and administration of the Sports Development Fund for promotion of sports in schools and colleges ;

(k)        promotion of physical culture and yoga ;

(l)         evaluation techniques for programmes and personnel relating to promotion and development of sports; and

(m)       all budgetary provisions and allocations and plan provisions relating to promotion and development of sports.




2.         All matters relating to-

(a)        the National Service Scheme and camps and youth festivals thereunder ;

(b)        promotion and development of activities concerning youth including mountaineering, hiking, trekking ani rock climbing ;

(c)        management and administration of centres for training and employment of Punjab Youth;

(d)        Auxiliary Cadet Corps and National Cadet Corps.




1.         Post-graduation degree and diploma courses in Engineering.

            2.         State Board of Technical Education.

            3.         Recognition of Technical Institutions in the State.

4.         Grant-in-aid and other assistance to non-Government Technical institutions in the State.

            5.         Craftsman Training Scheme.

6.         Industrial Training Schools and Institutions.

            7.         Vocational Training Centres.

8.         All matters relating to the administration of the Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training Act, 1992.





1.         All matters relating to -

(i)         the development of tourism ;

(ii)        the establishment and budget of Tourism Wing ;

(iii)       local Tourism Advisory Committees ;

(iii)               the State Tourism Development Board; and

(iv)              fairs and festivals.


2.         The Punjab Tourism Development Corporation.




1.         An matters relating to -

(a)        the Cultural Affairs :

(b)        Archaeology and Museums, including administration and working of the Punjab Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remajns Act, 1964 ;

(c)        the Punjab Film and News Corporation ; and

(d)        Vishwa Punjabi Sammelan.

2.         Matters relating to the North Zone Cultural Centre.




1.         All matters relating to -

 (i)        Government Motor Vehicles Board ;

(ii)        allotment of official cars to the Ministers and their maintenance

(i)                  Motor Transport including petrol and diesel rationing; and

(iv)       maintenance of Road Transport including all cases relating to Government Transport Services.


2.         Constitution of the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal.


3.         All matters relating to the administration of the following Act

(i)         the Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act. 1924 ;

(ii)        the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950; and

(iii)       the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.


4.         All matters relating to Rail Transport.

5.         All matters relating to the establishment and budget of the Directorate of Transport.

6.         Traffic Police.




1.         All matters concerning general vigilance and procedure.

2.         All policy matters  relating to corruption among public servants.

3.         Coordination of work relating to vigilance in various Departments.

4.         All matters relating to cases of bribery, corruption, personal immorality, misuse of public fund, loss caused to Government, Departmental or procedural irregularities and the like on the parts of Government employees and public servants dealt with or otherwise taken cognisance of by the Department of Vigilance including cases of appeal against acquittal in cases relating to the Vigilance Bureau.


5.         All matters relating to –

(i)         the establishment of the Vigilance Bureau ;

(ii)        setting up of Lok Ayukta or Uplokayukta .




1.         Establishment of the Directorate of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes.

2.         All matters connected with the welfare, employment, socio-economic uplift and all measures and schemes designed for the promotion and development of Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and Vimukat Jatis including-

(a)        comideration and implementation of the reports and recommendations of-

(i)         the Commissioners, Commissions, Parliamentary Committees, Study Groups and other Committees of the Government of India, and

(ii)        Vidhan Sabha Committees, High powered Committees, Standing committees and other Committees of the Government of Punjab on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes ;

(b)        consideration of the deliberations of the Central Advisory Board of the Government of India ;

(c)        revision of lists of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes ; and

(d)        work relating to State Advisory Committees, District Adhoc Committee and other such ad hoc Recommendatory Committees.


3.         Formulation and proper implementation of Plan and non-Plan schemes for the Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and Vimukat Jatis including-

(a)        grant of subsidy for purchase of land, construction of houses, well & drinking water facilities, purchase of poultry birds, pigi and milch cattle and the like .

(b)        establishment of community centres;

(a)                provision of interest-free loans.


4.         Measures adopted to eradicate untouchability and administration of the protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955.

5.         Preparation of special Component Plan and Plan and non-Plan budget in respect of Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and Vimukat Jatis.

6.         Formulation of policy and implementation of reservation in admission to technical training institutions, professional courses and matters relating thereto.

7.         Formulation of policy and implementation of reservation in services and the time of recruitment, appointment and promotion for the members of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes.

8.         Coordination, supervision and direction of the implementation of schemes designed for the welfare of Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and Vimukat Jatis by other Departments. namely, the Department of Education for Educational Concessions

Schemes, the Department of Industrial Training for Industrial Training Schemes, the Department of Local Government, Housing and Urban Development for improvement in living and working conditions of sweepers and scavangers, etc. etc.


9.         All matters relating to the administration of -

(a)        the Scheduled Castes Land Development and Finance Corporation Act, ]970 ;and

(b)        the Punjab Backward Classes Land Development and Finance Corporation Act. 1976.


Dated Chandigarh, the 6th April, 1994.


Governor of Punjab.



Dated Chandigarh, the 7th April, 1994.

AS Chatha

Chief Secretary to Government of Punjab